Top 5 penny stocks to buy in India in 2021

Low share prices The best feature of penny stocks is their low price.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money.

This becomes beneficial for investors on a budget.

High gains Penny stocks offer the potential for high gains.

The companies that provide them are still in the growth phase.

This means that the value of the stocks can rise higher than the high-priced stocks of large and well-established corporations. Also, even if the prices of the stocks increase marginally, the profits would be huge.


For example, if an investor has 10000 shares of INR 5 each, he has a total amount of INR 50,000 invested. Now if the price goes up to INR 8 in a day, the investor profits 3 bucks a share. This values his total investment at INR 80,000( 30,000 more in a single day!). But, the thing to remember here is that you will most likely lose money rather than gaining because of the volatile nature of these stocks..


written by 

Walter O'Brien   |  published date :Feb 2 , 2021